How Does Web Hosting Affect Your Website’s SEO?

Web Hosting

The Online marketplace is expanding rapidly and firms are eager to bring their websites on top in search engine. The Modern world is all about SEO and it is about ranking the keywords on the top in search engine.

A website that runs smoothly is likely to grab the better rankings in the search engine and this is possible only when a website is hosted with one of the best web hosting providers in India. Because web hosting and SEO is interconnected to each other and how web hosting effect on SEO, that you will learn in this article

  • Server Downtime

You can consider it as a first test of a web host. If you are experiencing frequent downtime then its time to switch your provider or you can assume that your web hosting provider is not reliable.

Downtime affects the performance in terms of SERP and SEO. Now, you will ask how? Then let’s have a look on the example: If your website is down and search engine is not finding it to deliver the result then it is a sign that website is lacking SEO techniques. This will increase the bounce rate of the website and also decreases the website authority.

It is suggested to opt for the web hosting provider that offers 99.95% uptime and you will get this with MilesWeb as they provide 99.95% uptime. Their Tier – 3 and Tier – 4 datacenters give reliable speed and high level of security. Looking for Shared hosting plans? Check MilesWeb shared hosting plan.

Therefore, to avoid downtime it is necessary to get 99.95% uptime for your website and if you are getting the same then you should immediately opt for such web hosting provider.

  • Page loading time

A second factor that you need to undertake is the loading time of the website. If your website is taking time to load then you will lose your potential user. It is stated that if a website is loading slow and taking time more than two seconds then such a website needs to work a lot.

As per the guideline of Matt Cutts – former Google Service quality, “We try to return the most relevant results to all the users of every country.

It means that choosing the server location as per targeted audience is not that important is what users think, because Google monitors the setting and allowing more advanced global setting. If you are using any of these search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex then you will get an option to set a country target in the webmaster tools. Google has linked TLDs with the countries. If your website or blog has .com or .org extension then you are required to target the country in your webmaster tools. If you forgot to do the same then the search engine will follow the selection pattern as per their criteria like IP address, backlink of the page, other important information related to SEO, information available on the website, etc.

This was a bit SEO part that I have explained above but a good web hosting provider like MilesWeb will increase the speed of the website.

  • Stay away from Shared hosting

A shared hosting is cost effective but note that every cheap thing is not beneficial for the business. In shared hosting, your website is hosted on a single server with multiple websites. In short, you are compromising on the quality of the hosting.

The search engine doesn’t prefer websites that are hosted on a shared server, because it is not ethical in SEO. Moreover, the biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is spamming.

As your website is sharing space with other websites on the single server, so this might affect your website’s ranking and authority. Shared hosting doesn’t offer maximum speed, reliability, security and scalability than other hosting solution.

  • Opt for local hosting provider to target local audience

Server location plays an important role in providing your website visitors with a best user experience. Always select a server location near to your targeted audience, this leads to the quickest redirection of an audience to your website or blog. Therefore, it is important for all website owners to know how server location affects SEO?

E-commerce websites target a local audience as they aim to sell to the local market. For example, an Australia – based eCommerce site hosted on a local host is more likely to fetch better SEO rankings and relevant traffic than server outside of Australia.

This is because every website is allotted with a unique IP address that relates to the geographical location of the website. However, selecting a local host will make it easy to target local audience and improve search engine rankings of an eCommerce website.

If you select the wrong hosting provider then this will lead to disaster and all the above mentioned reasons are worth to proof this right. It is suggested to opt for the best web hosting provider like MilesWeb that offers web hosting service at Rs.99/mo only. However, opting for best web hosting provider will increase your rankings and decrease the downtime.

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