How is Giving App Users A Wonderful Experience to Pay Well

How is Giving App Users A Wonderful Experience to Pay Well

After entering the age of user experience, it not just has a seat at the table; instead, the good user experience has become table stakes, which, if not played well, the brands cannot even get out of the gate in the hyper-competitive market.

Alas! It’s often overlooked, which results in compelling the users to push the door instead of pulling it just to find something they have a need of. Whether the door is pushed or pulled sounds trivial, but the tangible and intangible irritants add up and break the business users. It concludes to a point that poor experience means businesses can’t hit the sweet spot.

According to a report by Magnetic North, the 92% of the people have had a poor experience when dealing with UK brands that cost 234 billion Euros a year.

The customer experience will overtake the brand’s product price as a key differentiator by 2020.

10% improvement in the user experience that brands deliver will translate them into more than $1 billion.   

This is why the user experience has become a business that directly influences the performance, productivity, and throughout of the brands. Ideally, the brands along with usability testing must test the app for the user experience, that it engineers to enjoy the later benefits that worth the weight in gold.

With the elevation of user experience discipline, the brands are realising its value and potential to deliver the meaningful interactions, long-term engagement and wow experience that pays off in a true sense.  

Let’s see the significant impact and measurable benefits of the intangible factor- ‘Positive User Experience’:

  • Create the Right Product

When the user interface is tested ahead of the product launch to identify the user experience it delivers, a ton of time and efforts can be saved which proves to be expensive when done later on. The user experience gives actionable insights to the brands related to the app, how it works and the app’s interaction with the users.

Taking a deep dive into understanding the user experience through interviews, polls, or prototyping it will help blockchain development companies in making the best product decisions, and building the right product. Conclusively, the users will be navigating through the app features that perfectly sync with their needs, behaviour and browsing patterns that uplift the user experience. The vivid picture of user experience will reduce the chances of further iterations and augment the likelihood of conversion with the right mobile app development.

  • Lure in more users

Just bet it, when the users using the app are enjoying it wholeheartedly, they cannot resist from talking about the app or will recommend the same to their family members, friends or closed ones in person or on the social media. The people trust the app users more than Google or Facebook ads because the user advocacy directly correlates the usability and the experience that app delivers.

The word-of-mouth spread encourages the people to download and use the app at least once. In this manner, the outstanding user experience will motivate the existing users to do unpaid promotion of the app, while building a sense of trust in the brand app and draw more users to the app.

  • Build the Army of loyalty

The competitors are always vying for the user’s attention where the apps need to consistently deliver value to let the users stick to the app like a glue. It’s actually a matter of the combination of science and art that helps in differentiating the brand on the grounds of user experience.

The frictionless user experience never allows the users to look for the instant gratification, instead, bind them to the app and retain repetitively. Optimize the design, remove all the bottlenecks and build empathy to walk in the user’s shoes, which creates a positive user experience and in turn aids in winning the loyalty.

  • Increase the revenue

Often, it looks wondering when the users switch from one app to another, which are even identical in most of the functional aspects. Actually, the users judge the apps based on the bespoke nature of the user interface and prefer to go with make user friendly UI option which contains the following elements- ease of use, clear CTAs, and reduced number of steps.

The presence of elements in the UI helps in crafting the successful UX designs that please the users and offer the best user experience, which indicates more conversion that in turn uplifts the ROI. Underscore a point that the customers are ready to pay 25% more for the superior experiences that imply revenues will get boosted up when the brilliant experience is offered to the app users.

  • Lower down the costs

It comes to the surprise that the app delivering novel experience will also save the brands from wasting the resources. The great experience means the minimum number of support tickets that implies less investment of time, efforts and dollars of the brand. These valuable resources have a direct impact on the financial side of the project.

When the brands invest in building the app with the right set of features which can yield phenomenal experience, then accomplishing the goals becomes easier alongside saving huge bucks on the support system. Also, avoiding feature creeping and preventing their implementation to escape from the poor experience consequences also helps the brands escaping the further iterations which preclude the financial losses.


The fantastic user experience has become a hallmark of the top-grossing or top-charting apps. Thanks to the technology, which accelerated the pace of innovation to design and engineer breathtaking user experience through the app.

Raising a bar for user experience has helped the brands in seizing an edge in the market with competitive advantage and high performance, which comes along with the creation of the right product, more user acquisition, user retention, increased revenue and diminished cost. What’s your take?

The users are willing to engage with you, but it’s the core experience which determines whether they will stay with you or your competitors. Don’t bring variation in the user experience like stock performance that sometimes goes at the peak while sometimes tearing us down.

Let’s make it real with highly appreciable app development strategy! Make the app live up to the user’s end of the bargain to get paid off in a true sense.

Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as Android App Developer with TheAppsmiths. I have a great passion for building world-class products as I loves technology. In the last couple of years, I have worked with big and small clients across numerous continents. I have learned new technologies as well as mentoring and helping others to get started in their programming career. I have a keen interest in mobile App development, cheap iphone app development India, Game development, etc.

He has proven experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media. He is always willing to learn new digital marketing tools and technology. Rahul has proven track record in social media campaigns e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Google+. He knows how to optimize these tools for marketing purpose. The guy avid drinker of red wine; self-proclaimed steak expert; all-around cool guy.

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