How much Does it Cost to Spend on SEO?

How much Does it Cost to Spend on SEO?

This is the question that a lot of companies are asking themselves these days. And this is not a hypothetical question. Serious web marketing is imperative to survive in a web-based world. All businesses need to ask themselves the question: “How much are we willing to spend on SEO? I will try to answer your question.

Modes of Payment:

Before making your choice, you must understand what payment methods are offered by SEO agencies. Indeed, they offer 4 main forms of services and payment:

The monthly installment: In this case, customers pay a monthly fee in exchange for a set of services chosen in advance by the customer. The monthly deposit is the most common form of payment due to its excellent ROI (  Return on Investment ). This type of arrangement usually includes regular analytical reports, website content enhancements, press releases, link analysis, keyword research, and website optimization. The decline in payment by quarters or semesters).

Contract Payment: This payment method is offered by virtually all SEO agencies. It allows the client to “test” an SEO agency before engaging in a partnership with it if satisfied with the services provided. The services offered by SEO agencies are often posted on their site, as well as their cost. A typical example of such services is an SEO audit of a website to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the customer’s online presence, or competitive analysis, or the selection of keywords representing the greatest potential for a positive RSI.

Payment for the project: This is the same principle as for service contracts except that these are projects created specifically for the client. Prices vary depending on the project. For example, a local cupcake store is asking an SEO agency for help with its local online marketing. The customer wants the agency to create accounts in social media for his business. The client and the agency will then decide on the scope and cost of the project.

On-time consultations: This consists of hourly fees in exchange for services or information.

Most SEO agencies offer all of these payment methods. A customer may use more than one. Indeed, a customer could choose to start with a monthly deposit, then continue with a service contract, to finally engage in a specific project with the agency, taking advantage of three payment methods.

You get what You Pay For

How much does it cost? That’s what everyone is asking. As this is a controversial topic, I based on US rates whose statistics were taken from Search Engine Watch and Moz.

The monthly deposit: $ 750 – $ 5,000 per month. In this average, the amount paid by a customer depends on the size of his business and the scope of the services provided by the SEO agency. At the bottom of this range are the small SEO agencies that offer a limited number of services. At the highest level are the business partnerships with big needs with full-service SEO agencies. Most businesses pay between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000 for a monthly deposit.

Fixed price and fixed-price contracts: variable price. This is generally used by customers who are just starting to work with an SEO agency. Included are services such as SEO writing ($ 0.15 -0.50 / word), website content audit ($ 500- $ 7,500), auditing SEO ($ 500- $ 7,500), and setting up a site in social networks ($ 500- $ 3,000).

Prices related to the type of project: variable price. There are as many possible prices as there are projects. Most projects can cost between $ 1,000 and $ 30,000.

Hourly consultation rate: $ 100- $ 300 / hour. The SEO consultants, either individuals or agencies charge between $ 100 and $ 300 per hour of consultation.

What you Need to Watch Out For

To avoid getting caught by unscrupulous SEO agencies and dubious ethical practices, read the following disclaimers and remember them. Beware:

Guarantees: SEO agencies generally cannot give any guarantee given the constantly changing nature of the domain.

Instant results: That’s right; some SEO tactics give “instant results” by skewing the system. Know that this could hurt you in the long run. Instant results are usually the result of SEO practices that do not comply with the webmaster’s instructions from search engines. Google searches and invariably penalizes these practices, which results in a loss of classification that would take several months to recover.

The top position on Google: If an agency promises you the first position on Google, it’s great. With a little hope, maybe you’ll have one day. But it’s not something an agency should promise you.

Costs of less than $ 750 / month: When it comes to SEO, you do not make balances; you want a high-quality service. So, beware of misery prices or “super business.”

Methods of bad link building: The Link Building, or the creation of links to a website, is essential to the proper SEO of a website. You cannot have a high ranked website without inbound links. Before engaging the services of an SEO agency for link building, make sure that its methods comply with the ethical standards of the specialty. Also, ask her where she could find the links for a business in your field.

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