How to Become a Successful Guest Blogger

How to Become a Successful Guest Blogger

If you are having your own business website, then probably you would desire to have the best exposure online. Online promotion and social media marketing are helpful to get your required exposure online, but there is also another effective method to get the desired online presence and even get paid for it. This is through Guest Posting Services. But, getting your name and blogs on other popular blogs is not as easy as it seems. You are required to have the necessary skills to convince the other bloggers for posting your blogs.

To help you here is the step by step guide on how to offer Guest Blogging Services and grow your audiences. Below you will come across with the 9 helpful tips to offer Guest Posting Services and become a successful guest blogger.       

  • Finding Best Opportunities to Publish

The very first step is to find the best opportunities online where you can publish your content and offer Guest Post Services. You are required to focus on blogs that deliver the same services as you do. This will help you to get targeted audiences that are interested in the type of content they will publish. The best way to find the opportunities to publish your content is Google Search. You can also use the social platforms to find out the sites of your interest and check their domain authority. You must prefer choosing the sites with domain authority above 30. This will help you to get the views that you want.

  • Building Relationships

After finding the website where you want to do Guest Blogging Services, it is the time to develop a good relationship. Guest blogging is the demanding industry where thousands of writers’ fire off impersonal pitches every day and in between this it is crucial for you to build trust with the site owner or else your idea would wind up in the trash. To develop a relationship with the site owner, you must start following them on social media, interact with them and even share comments. You may also send an email newsletter and share thoughts so that they come to know about you and they will find the right time to approach you.

  • Planning the Posts

When your relationship building is in motion, it is the time to start planning for your posts. You are required to choose ideal topics for your Guest Posting that target the audiences. You need to be relevant to the topic that is on the site. Try to find the facts from market research and the best way to find the winning topics is by using analytical tools. Find out some hot topics and research it well and try to create posts on it.

  • Sending Pitch

After finding the topic you want to cover, it is the time to write and send your detailed plan to the site owner. While writing the pitch, ensure to follow the guidelines offered at the website and demonstrate that you abide by the details mentioned on the site. Try to keep your pitch as short as possible and it must be precise and to the point. It must comprise all relevant details and have  an attention-grabbing a headline to go well with it.

  • Tailoring the Post to Blog Style

Bloggers usually have their own way of writing blogs, but when it comes to offering Guest Posting Services you must abide by the style of the blogs where you will post. You need to tailor-made your content according to the style of the blog. It would be easier if the blog has their own set submission guidelines, but it is not present you can read some of the content to understand its style and present your post accordingly.    

  • Creating Attractive Bio

The bio is the essential part of your Guest Posts contents publishing. This is the part where you will demonstrate a glimpse of your persona to readers. Here you can also attach the backlinks of your site and social pages. So, you need to use this part creatively to let your readers know about you and also ensure to attach backlink to your sites.

  • Sharing on Social Media

After your post goes live, it is the time to promote it as you did for your personal website. By using the same promotional strategy you need to promote your posts. This is the vital thing to drive in traffic to the website and the owners would also appreciate your efforts and as a result, they will send more requests and give opportunities to deliver Guest Posting in future.     

  • Interesting With Readers   

Just because it is not your site doesn’t mean that you should not interact with audiences. It is necessary that you reply to your readers on the comment section and try to offer them with useful information to keep the discussion ongoing. This is the best way to get feedback and know the readers better. This will help you determine the trends which will help you in your future posts.

  • Write More and More Guest Post

Now you have understood the entire concept of Guest Posting and hence you are required to develop a readership and try to write and publish more and more posts regularly.


I’m currently working as Content Manager with Guest Hike. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies to get guest post services at cheap price.

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