Learn Some Aspects of Digital Marketing

Learn Some Aspects of Digital Marketing

The definition of the digital marketing is very easy to understand and remember. The digital marketing is a marketing which involves digital and electronic devices to provide its products or sell its services. It can be done online or offline. The online, a term associated with the digital marketing is not correct. It just depends on the marketing strategy you are opting for the moment.

Overview of Digital Marketing:

There are the two main categories of digital marketing like online marketing and offline marketing. These both are equally important, it is not that one is important and other is not.

Type of online marketing:

There are seven main categories of online marketing:

  1.    Email Marketing
  2.    Search Engine Marketing
  3.    Search Engine Optimization
  4.    Content Marketing
  5.    Affiliate Marketing
  6.    Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  7.    Social Media Marketing

Here are three main pillars of digital marketing which are very important to understand.

  • Enhanced Offline Marketing:

This is a marketing which is entirely offline but it is enhanced by the electronic devices. Like you have a restaurant and you are offering different dishes then you run an ad on social media or on some other platform then it will become the enhanced marketing. You have an offline business and you are using electronic for your products as well. People have been using digital media to enhance the volume of their marketing since decades.

  • Radio Marketing

It’s been 100 years since radio was introduced. There was the time when no one could imagine a life without the radio. But still, there are plenty of people who love to hear radio programs. According to a survey, around 85% of the people are found to listen to radio programs in the USA. One listener usually listens 2 hours a day. 40% of the radio advertisement comes from the US. About half of the population turn on the internet radio once a month.

  • Phone Marketing

According to a survey around 80% of the internet users owns the smartphone. These days the amount of people who get online on mobile is much higher than the people from their PCs or Desktops. Therefore, the competition on mobile ads is increasing day by day, because of its massive demand. By the end of 2020, there would be much more amount spent on the mobile advertisement than on TVs.

  • TV Marketing:

Television is such a huge source of advertisement where a very huge amount of money is burned every year. But from the past couple of years, an advertisement is turned on YouTube TV advertisement went down. Moreover, TV ads are nonspecific, but with a revolution of the search engine, people who want to reach the specific content just reach without any hurdle.


The scope of digital marketing is very high. As we all know, the involvement of internet has been introduced in every field. There is no market which got success without the inclusion of digital marketing. In today’s world, no one can expand his/her business without the involvement of digital marketing. A businessman shouldn’t be kept to the online marketing only they should also explore the ways to offline marketing as well.

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