20 Tips to Create an Amazing SEO-Friendly Website Design

20 Tips to Create an Amazing SEO-Friendly Website Design

The SEO compatibility of a website is one of the most important factors that need to be taken care of before you run a marketing campaign online. The reason behind this is that we put a lot of funds in these campaigns and it is not good at all if the website does not get the results that we hope for just because of the reason that it was not as good as it should have been on the SERP guideline.

So, in order to offer everyone something to look into their website, here are 20 tips that will bring a great change into the SEO friendliness of a website:

  1. Approach towards any webpage as a landing page. This means that all the information about the business should be on every page as you should not miss a chance to persuade the audience towards your services.
  2. Fix up a particular design with the help of web Development Company from whom you are taking services as it will help the project to complete in a swift and precise manner.
  3. Keep the Template style as simple and common for all the webpages as possible. The reason behind it is that too many templates ruin the beauty of good navigation.
  4. To make the navigation of the web page better and more user extensive, follow vertical movement pattern instead of horizontal scroll. The reason behind this is that horizontal scrolls are not liked by most of the people in the world because of being complex to get through.
  5. Keep Pop-up ads as low as possible because no viewers like getting barraged in the face with dialogue boxes that are nothing but advertisement.
  6. Learn about SERP and Google Webmaster Guidelines for a better understanding and swift grasp over the factors such as ranking and bounce rate.
  7. Research Keywords before using them into the content to avoid being skipped over by the search engines because of having a content that lacks relativity towards the topic.
  8. Use key phrases in such a manner that they do not clash with flash files or images as they will not be visible to the crawlers. Also, indexing of such Keywords is not possible either.
  9. Use Image and Flash files only when they are required and that too as per the SERP guidelines to make sure that the loading speed of the webpage is not compromised because of the burden.
  10. Offer a spot for the audience to connect you on a variety of social media platforms as it will offer a great way for swift communication.
  11. Keep a regular check on the aspect of banners and side ads for not being in the way of the content.
  12. Use URLs to the advantage by making them easy for the crawlers to read by taking into consideration three important aspects which are the length of the URL, use of Keywords and not using symbols or numbers.
  13. Make sure that the website is compatible with most of the operating systems as well as a variety of platforms. The mobile platform is one of the most important one and thus, it is required to take care of that as the most important.
  14. Hire professional SEO expert Writers to enjoy high-quality content as there are a lot of factors that they can work with to make the content perfect for the search engine algorithm to go through.
  15. Follow a simple Hierarchy so that the audience does not get confused because of the same.
  16. Never go overboard with the layers of the website and keep the content posted up to three layers deep for most effectiveness.
  17. Offer a Menu tab with concise and swift options to go through the website so that users do not have a hard time finding something that they are looking for.
  18. Under any circumstances, do not copy any content from anyone else’s website as google will not show your webpage in the search results.
  19. Get a professional SEO company to make sure that all the internal as well as backlinks are working perfectly and are not broken because of any reason whatsoever.
  20. Make an XML sitemap to offer much better accessibility to the crawlers so that they can go through the website with ease and do not miss any webpage.

These are the 20 tips that will help you throughout the search engine optimization work. So, make sure to take each one of them into consideration and invest in the website from time to time.

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