Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

1: Be naive!

Driving a business is a bit like jumping off a cliff – quite literally! And it takes a lot of courage – or perhaps rather naivety – to get on the idea. And that’s good – so be sure to be a little naive in the beginning. It will make you dare to start. Disregard all things that you should be able to but can not and ignore what everyone else says. Yes, just do it!

You will learn everything you need along the way, and what you do not understand now, just ask someone to read or read. Do not make it harder than it is.

2: Be nice

You never know who the person you meet is or what will happen in a few years. We are all very good at telling people about the people who aren’t nice or well-behaved – and such is things are spreading fast. You do not want to be the one they are talking about. The best and only way to get others to spread the word about you is if they want you to succeed. And they do if you are kind, helpful and generous. And do not expect to get anything in return for being nice.

3: You do not have to work with people who are not nice

If you have the opportunity, just choose to work and surround yourself with people who make you feel good and make you happy. Avoid those who are the opposite. Sometimes, it can be tough, but it is worth it. In addition, you are like everyone else: you want it to be good to people who are nice to you – and by actively working with them, you help them grow. And they help you.

4: Decide what you think

Follow your values and be clear about it. Especially towards yourself. As soon as you know what you stand for and why you do what you do, you will also automatically stop listening to the people telling you things. You do not need their advice.

5: Discover things yourself

It’s great to listen to others, but some things and knowledge, you need to actually acquire yourself. And maybe also fail in order to learn and start making the right choices. And no matter if you got the right advice a year ago. Decisions are about being mature for them – and, if necessary, motivation comes from solving a problem.

So do not be ashamed for making mistakes: it’s the ultimate way to learn. And if you do not make the mistake today you would have done it a few years later, and then I promise you would have cost you five times as much!

6: Be Responsive

However, you should also be responsive! Let go of the pride and listen to what others have to say. Especially if there are people with more experience than you and who share your values. Then I guarantee that they are worth listening to.

Also, some mistakes are good to do by yourself. But do not be stupid! To reinvent the wheel again is not the most clever thing. Let yourself be inspired by others and try to learn from them.

7: Employ people to do what you can’t

When you have the opportunity to start hiring or working with others: make use of their skills. Please choose people who complement you and you can do things you can not. Again, it’s about releasing your own pride and daring to listen to others (but do not lose yourself and your basic values for the company of course).

It is said that what distinguishes talented entrepreneurs from those who fail is that the successful entrepreneurs know that they don’t know everything. That is, they know their weaknesses and recruit others from it.

8: Be patient

Work hard and be patient. Nothing worth having comes easy, and it takes time to build long-term relationships: those who like what you do will tell it to others who, in turn, tell more people. But it does not happen over night.

So expect about twice as much job as you ever imagined and half as much income.

9: Stop and reflect

There is no point in just working hard if what you do is wrong. Take the time to stop, breathe and reflect on what you do and why. Think about changes and improvements. If you only drive with a submerged head, you will miss making good changes, developments and strategies. In addition, what is most worth: 16 hours of unstructured and confused work or 8 hours of effective work?

That’s why I’m trying to live up to Slow Living’s principles. More about that I have written about here: Slow living – it works and here: Slow living – you start.

10: Delegate

This related to the tips mentioned about. Do not burn out yourself. Delegate to others! It’s hardly easy when your business  becomes your baby. But it is advisable to work out your control needs and dare to trust others. And thus create the time and opportunity for you to do whatever you want to do.

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