Wikipedia really a Successful Marketing Tool

Wikipedia really a Successful Marketing Tool

Everything changes with time…the world, the technology, the people and also their working methods. Similarly, the world of marketing has been through some of the drastic changes over the past few years.

Marketing trends and strategies are changing based upon the places where the larger number of audiences can be targeted. The Internet has played a major role in changing the definition of marketing with the time. Internet plays the engaging factor for the people and people nowadays live more on the internet and lesser in real lives.

This engagement of people on the internet is what attracted the marketing companies towards itself. If you hire any company or freelancer for your wiki page there is a very low wikipedia page creation cost. Any company can easily afford it. So read more about it below…

Marketing companies not only analyzed the changing trends but also formed new policies and strategies for the promotions. Earlier, only social media platforms were used for marketing but now people are getting inclined towards the use of Wikipedia as well.

Shocked? Don’t be! There is the number of firms which have moved to the Wikipedia to boost their growth and to surprise you let me tell you that Wikipedia is serving quite well to them.

Wikipedia is simple to use on one hand and confusing to understand on other hands. The tools which can be used for successful marketing in Wikipedia are also the ones which can lead to your fall down if didn’t operated properly. If you are interested in finding more about Wikipedia then go through the whole article and then decide whether you want to use this tool or not!

Wikipedia- Unfolding the Level of Operation

For those who don’t know, let me tell you that whatever information you get through Google isn’t created by Google itself. Google fetch the information from different sources about a particular topic and sums them all at one place for you and Wikipedia is one of those sources. Wikipedia is known for its wide information and referral links on different-different topics. Wikipedia is actually an open source library and anybody can have access to it.

You can use Wikipedia as a marketing tool for your brand or firm as it will help you in getting a better number of audiences. If you want to use Wikipedia for your own use then you have to create a page in accordance with the rules made by Wikipedia.

Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool

When somebody mentions Wikipedia we usually think of it as a source of information for the student and why not to think that way when only students have been using it lately. Wikipedia always had better implications for the marketing firms but they never really tried to use it. The popularity of Wikipedia is what gets you future clients for your firm. There are basically two reasons why Wikipedia is so popular:

  1. Wikipedia is a reliable source and that’s the reason of trustworthiness of people in it. Wikipedia editors put their best efforts in getting the content that’s not only precise but also authentic.
  2. Wikipedia is a trusted source and it has gained this trust by providing the accurate information to the people.

Now the scenario is that if you search for any firm’s name, its information on Wikipedia will show up before its official website. The reason behind this visibility is ‘Google’s knowledge graph’ where google automatically places the Wikipedia data on the top in the Google search list.

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The authenticity and trustworthiness are the main factors that lead to the promotions. People start considering your brand when they find about it on Wikipedia because they trust Wikipedia more than your brand. However, Wikipedia does not support promotions and that’s the actual thing which can lead to your fall down. Wikipedia is a library and it believes in providing the information about particular topics and not endorsing anything. If you fail to frame your content in accordance with Wikipedia guideline, you will never get space in the library.

Wikipedia- The Problems it Can Create

When something has pros it is likely to have cons as well and sometimes these cons are not exactly the negative factors but the positive factors that might seem wrong to you. The same applies in case of Wikipedia as well; it’s an open source library and it works to provide generalized yet truest information to its readers. It does not support any kind of promotions and promotes only neutralized views.

Even if you are thinking to create a page on Wikipedia, you cannot use it directly for the promotions. All you can do is that you can mention your brand and write about it. The one thing which is important to mention here is that, it’s not only you who will have right to edit your page! The other people who are having an account on Wikipedia can not only reach to your page but can make changes to it as well hence, it becomes important to keep checking your page very often.

When you are framing content for your Wikipedia page, you have to make sure that you give a neutralized view about your brand. Wikipedia editors keep a strict check on the information being posted on the Wikipedia so, if you will not write your content in a neutralized manner, it will be trimmed afterward by other writers and editors.

Wikipedia is the seventh most advanced website and hence popular. If its popularity can gain you audience, its popularity can lead to your downfall too! Just imagine, all it will take is one bad article about your brand to destroy its goodwill. That’s why I said earlier that the factors leading to rise are also the factors that might lead to your downfall. It is very important to have an active check on your Wikipedia page if you want to run it your way.

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Now when you know both i.e. the benefits and adverse effects you can decide if you want to go for Wikipedia promotion or not. With the active check and few precautions, you can do well. So, Search on google or Freelancing website for  wikipedia page creation service india for your brand.


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